Two day grab-bag

Angry bird special

Another bird attack and men at the construction site

Birds attack and taggers return

Lurking around the cameras

Grab bag day

Some animals and a few men

Dog walker and rolling cigarettes

More worker action at the construction site

Birds in the forest and men at the work site

A tale of mice and men

Birds and plenty of pee

Activity in the fresh snow

Fresh snow falling at the monument

Exploring around the monument

Fireworks at the monument

Lots of birds

A dog walker and quick pit stop

Fake out and explorers

Daily visitors

A few visitors at the construction site

Activity in the dark

Two day grab bag

Several visits from the workers

Angry animals

Snow birds and construction site men

Public urination at the construction site

Birds, rats and creepers

Birds and activity in the dark

Worker, magpie and a preview of a new location

Nature views and a couple chatting

End of the year and new locations

Milder weather brings more activity

December activity

Magpies in the snow

Winter nature views

Snow birds in the woods

Snow birds and drifters

A few men at the beach lot

Daily visit from the van man