Preview: Women peeing behind the scaffold

Preview: A quicky by the construction site

Two day grab-bag

Watch that splash-back

Drunk at the construction site

Workers and woman at the forest

Angry bird special

Workers and a man in the forest

Another bird attack and men at the construction site

Birds attack and taggers return

Creeping around at night

Lurking around the cameras

Men do the one and two

Grab bag day

Lurking around the construction site

Exploring the monument and construction site men

Cleaning up and rinsing off

Some animals and a few men

Various visitors and explorers

Turning the wall into a urinal

Lurking in the shadows

Lots of worker visits

Dog walker and rolling cigarettes

Is there room for another?

More worker action at the construction site

Birds in the forest and men at the work site

A tale of mice and men

This looks like a good place

Birds and plenty of pee

Teen hangout

Peeing with a jerk

Quick woman and some creepers

Explorers everywhere

Many visits from the workers

Women at the construction site

Activity in the fresh snow

Fresh snow falling at the monument

Graffiti artist

Exploring around the monument

Group of guys at the construction site