Zombie Hunter

Concrete weedwacker

Zombie Hunter

Shopping at the circle

Zombie Hunter

Getting busy at the traffic circle

Zombie Hunter

Just another day in Texas

Zombie Hunter

Cutting the chain and trespassing

Zombie Hunter

Justice being served

Zombie Hunter

Illegal dumping

Zombie Hunter

Firing a weapon in the city limits

Zombie Hunter

The Duck Man

Zombie Hunter

Don’t come by my house again!

Zombie Hunter

The drive of shame

Zombie Hunter

Having a happy holiday in Texas

Zombie Hunter

Dumping trash at the circle

Zombie Hunter

Activity at the Texas traffic circle

Zombie Hunter

Illegal dumping in Texas

Taking the belt off before she even arrives

Another man comes to visit

Fresh snow and a little leak

Creeping at night

Big momma comes to leave a present

Daylight visit from a young lady

A leak and a drink

3 ladies, 2 squats

A late night visit

Ladies in the dark

A break and more at the shop

A puddle in the snow

Action at the birdhouse and a thief caught on camera

A few days at the work site

Work site security camera

Woman at night

Struggling with his pants

Just a quick stop

Like mother, like daughter

Woman next to the shed in view of the camera

Fresh puddle in the snow

A quick stop and a run to get away

A man leaving a fresh mark in the snow

A long draw and a quick leak

Another man makes a dash behind the shed