Workers not working

Driving practice at the beach lot

Dogs, birds and rabbits on a rainy day

Littering and searching the forest

Working on cars and driver’s education

A night time catch?

Lots of laps around the lot

Mercedes man returns for the morning

Lurking at the lot

Beach lot visitors

Smoke break and laps around the lot

Another day with the Mercedes man

A near miss and smokers at the beach

More of the Mercedes man

Mercedes man returns

A nice day to visit the beach lot

A nice long smoke

Junk in his trunk

Several new drivers at the beach lot

Car sale?

Making a music video?

Camera spotted and more driver’s education

Squatting for a smoke?

Camping at the lot

Man lurking at the lot

Various visitors to the beach lot

Event activity and visitors to the beach lot

The van man at the beach lot

Vehicles at the beach lot

Driving around the beach lot

Man creeping at night

Lady with her red car

Exploring the lot

Burning the bills

Hanging out at the parking lot and a few leaks

No respect from a cat, littering and men coming to pee

A little drivers education

Workers, lurkers and smokers

Workers on a lunch break

A romantic encounter and a tour group