Worker cleaning and teens at the monument

Getting swept away

Strong streams flowing

Daily activity from the cameras

Work site wall urinal

Birds and Rats come out to play

Explorers and workers

Teen Lovers – Uncut

Action around the monument

Workers and someone in the scaffolding

Pee streams from men

Jamming at the monument

Close encounters at the construction site

A busy day at the monument

Creeper at the construction site

Exploring the monument

Activity around the monument

Chilling at the construction site

Working hard at the construction site

Birds at the forest

Guys at the work site

Workers and a few forest visitors

Beach forest and construction visitors

Men at the construction site

Steamy pee at the construction site

Nature views and exploring the monument

Teens at the monument

Men and women all day long

Getting called out for a pee

Flowing streams and night explorers

Getting support from the scaffolding

Sweatpants creeper

Cleaning up the rat’s home

A worker, lady, man and rat

Teen hangout at the construction site

A lady and man with yellow pants

Preview: Women peeing behind the scaffold

Preview: A quicky by the construction site

Two day grab-bag

Watch that splash-back