Men leaking and birds chirping

Another playtime in the parking lot

Big dump at the beach forest

Teens in the woods (uncut version)

Parking Lot Playtime (uncut version)

Another day at the picnic forest and beach lot

Activity at the picnic forest and beach lot

Another day with our smoking couple

Changing plates

Men at the beach lot

The smoking couple returns

Prepared with his own roll

Smoking at the favorite spot

Man in a van

Smoking lady at the lot

A man and his Mercedes

Explorers, birds and a poor old pup

Some guys coming right to our cameras

Various visitors to the beach lot

Guys in the little red car

A fine lady at the trailhead lot

Vehicles at the beach lot

A nice day to walk through the parking lot

A biker with a lot to show

The smoking couple’s favorite spot

Animal encounters, a few explorers and a little rain

Activity around the parking lots

The deer return to the trail

Lots of ladies squatting on the trail

The smoking couple returns

Dog walkers on a stormy day

Peeing on a rainy day

Multiple stops from our smoking couple

Testing his bike at the lot

Smoking in the woods and heavy rain

Quick pee breaks at the lot

Driver’s ed

Vehicles and lurkers around the parking lots

Men at the beach forest peeing together

Big puddle in the beach parking lot