Several visits from the workers

Public urination in the day

Another night at the construction site

Snow birds and construction site men

Busy day at the construction site

Men peeing at the construction site

Worker pissing at the work site

Pissing their way into the new year

Fun in the snow

Van man and men in the woods

A little yellow snow and drifters

Taking a pee in the snow

A few men at the beach lot

Daily visit from the van man

Van man and running lady

Snow drifting

Birds and the van man

Two men at the trailhead lot

A man and woman at the beach lot

Daily visitors

Raindrops and pee streams

Forest photo shoot

Van man and a lady in the woods

Morning routine from the van man

A full mix of activity

A few men and explorers

Strong stream from men

An early morning surprise

Lurking man at the lot

Rainy day activity

Men peeing and a creeper at the beach lot

Smoking lady and two van men

Come for a pee, stay for a smoke

Men peeing in the rain

Running around at the trailhead

Highlight – Women taking dumps

A few men in the trees

Flow issues

Van man returns and night shenanigans

Taxi driver making yellow