The deer return to the trail

Lots of ladies squatting on the trail

Dog walkers on a stormy day

Peeing on a rainy day

Quick pee breaks at the lot

Vehicles and lurkers around the parking lots

Just lurking around the beach lot

Hikers, berry pickers and smokers around the forest

A mix of men and women caught peeing

Even more visitors caught by the cameras

A dump and men in the woods

Family time in the woods

Another nice day for a stoll

Men strolling down the trail to pee

Don’t piss on that dog

Visitors on a very rainy day

A few ladies down the trail

Couples coming together

More men spraying streams

Leaking sausage

Ladies letting streams flow

Poking around in the woods

Nice day for a stroll

A family of deer at the lot

Ladies at the birdhouse

More activity along the trail today

Daily activity around the trails

Women through the trees

A few misses

Women in pairs and solo

Men at the birdhouse

Ladies at the parking lot

Quite a few close encounters

Grab bag of action all around the area

Two trips to the parking lot

A mix of men and women

Shirtless men on hot days

Various visitors to the parking lot

Just popping squats in the open

Daily visitors along the trails