Drunk at the construction site

Lurking in the shadows

Dog walker and rolling cigarettes

Teen hangout

Explorers everywhere

Women at the construction site

Group of guys at the construction site

Snow birds and construction site men

December activity

Smoking lady and snow driving

Taking a pee in the snow

Various vehicles at the lot

Van man and running lady

Snow drifting

Smoking lady and first snow

Two men at the trailhead lot

A man and woman at the beach lot

Daily visitors

Smokers and birds

Morning routine from the van man

Various visitors to the beach lot

Strong stream from men

Lurking man at the lot

Rainy day activity

Men peeing and a creeper at the beach lot

Smoking lady and two van men

Come for a pee, stay for a smoke

Zombie Hunter

Activity at the circle

Driving laps and kicking tires

Testing fireworks at the beach lot

Van man returns and night shenanigans

Activity at the beach lot and night action at the trailhead

Working at the trailhead parking lot

Driving practice at the beach lot

Late night visit to the lot

Working on cars and driver’s education

Mercedes man returns for the morning

Smoke break and laps around the lot

Another day with the Mercedes man

A near miss and smokers at the beach