Angry bird special

Birds attack and taggers return

Lurking around the cameras

Construction site rats

Various visitors and explorers

Lurking in the shadows

Explorers everywhere

Fresh snow falling at the monument

Graffiti artist

Exploring around the monument

The rat race


Fake out and explorers

Two day grab bag

Cats and rats

Birds, rats and creepers

Sneaking around the monument

Birds and activity in the dark

Nature views and a couple chatting

Milder weather brings more activity

December activity

Racing through the snow

Magpies in the snow

Soviet drift car

Smoking lady and snow driving

Winter nature views

Snow birds in the woods

Snow birds and drifters

Driver’s education at the lot

Various vehicles at the lot

Night drifting

Smoking lady and first snow

Parking lot mechanic

Majestic magpies

Vehicles at the lot

Smokers and birds

Birds don’t like our cameras

Creepers and driver’s education

Driving practice at the beach lot

Various visitors to the beach lot