Several visits from the workers

The father returns

Splashing on the camera

More men at the work site

Cats, birds and littering

Dog in the bag

Group pee party

Parking lot karaoke

Stepping up in the dark

Lots of pee at the construction site

Strong streams flowing

Pee streams from men

Close encounters at the construction site

Men at the construction site

Men and women all day long

Flowing streams and night explorers

Getting support from the scaffolding

A worker, lady, man and rat

A lady and man with yellow pants

Preview: Women peeing behind the scaffold

Preview: A quicky by the construction site

Exploring the monument and construction site men

Cleaning up and rinsing off

Is there room for another?

This looks like a good place

Birds and plenty of pee

Peeing with a jerk

Quick woman and some creepers

Group of guys at the construction site

Workers and a homeless lady

Construction site men and forest women

A few visitors at the construction site

Angry animals

More men at the construction site

Public urination at the construction site

Fun in the snow

Van man and men in the woods

A little yellow snow and drifters

Taking a pee in the snow

A few men at the beach lot