Close encounters at the construction site

A busy day at the monument

Teens at the monument

Angry bird special

Quick woman and some creepers

Zombie Hunter

Activity at the circle

Car sale?

Creeper chilling at the lot

Teens in the woods (uncut version)

A couple guys drinking at the lot

Teens at the Picnic Forest

Teens in the woods

A grab bag from our cameras

Stealing construction materials

A stream into the bushes

Something interesting in the bushes?

A little bit of everything

Cool your beer while taking a leak

Day drinker returns

A wee and a drink

The day drinker

A piss and a drink on the trail

Creeping in the distance

Two ladies and the drinking man

Grab the bong and a bottle of vodka

Two men come to leak, one stays to lurk

Smoking, drinking and wizzing

Taking a leak and a drink

Visitors from dawn to dusk

The trail bros

Taking leaks and staying hydrated

Day of drinking on the trail

A leak and a drink

Men coming to take a leak

Day drinker returns

Getting his drink on

Hipsters and drinking on the trail

A full day of drinking

Close encounter of the creeper kind

The creeper returns