Dog walker and rolling cigarettes

Fresh snow falling at the monument

A dog walker and quick pit stop

A little yellow snow and drifters

Snow drifting

Dogs, birds and rabbits on a rainy day

Men peeing on a rainy day

A nice autumn day

Old lady with no shame

Various activity caught by our cameras

Zombie Hunter

Concrete weedwacker

Highlight – Old lady with no shame

Explorers, birds and a poor old pup

A nice day to walk through the parking lot

Dog walkers on a stormy day

Another nice day for a stoll

Don’t piss on that dog

Visitors on a very rainy day

Just passing though the lot

Various visitors through the parking lot

Ladies letting streams flow

Poking around in the woods

Nice day for a stroll

Man lurking at the lot

More activity along the trail today

Daily activity around the trails

Several visitors to the beach lot

Just strolling through the lot

Various visitors to the parking lot

Daily visitors along the trails

Men in all corners of the lot

Litterbugs and creepers around the beach lot

Women at the parking lot

Grab bag of activity

Litter patrol returns

Lots of activity at the parking lot

Ladies and gentlemen at the parking lot and trail

Activity around the forest

Zombie Hunter

Activity at the Texas traffic circle

Man, don’t forget to wipe