Animal encounters, a few explorers and a little rain

The deer return to the trail

Don’t piss on that dog

A family of deer at the lot

A few misses

Various visitors to the parking lot

Many visitors caught at all locations

Midsummer grab bag

Multiple day grab bag of activity

Close encounters with the cameras

A busy day and a broken lense

Don’t get bugged on the trail

A little lurking around the trail

Turning into a deer path

Bringing out the big camera

A rustle in the leaves

Say bye to the fallen tree

Various activity on the pee trail

More deer encounters

A new deer to the forest

Activity around the forest

Raceday in the woods (Part 1)

Women by the fallen tree and animals on the trail

Quick pee by the fallen tree

A little foggy today

More visitors to the trail

Not happy about the camera

A great day for a stroll

Bad luck for the nature photographer

We have been spotted!

Stop to take in the nature near the trail

More explorers deeper into the woods

A few deer and a lady on the trail

Time to enjoy the nature

Animal encounters around the trail

Smokers in the snow

Two days of walkers along the trails

Oh Deer

Lurking in the dark and walking in the snow

Out for a stroll