December activity

Racing through the snow

Fun in the snow

Soviet drift car

Smoking lady and snow driving

Van man and men in the woods

Winter nature views

A little yellow snow and drifters

Snow birds in the woods

Snow birds and drifters

Taking a pee in the snow

A few men at the beach lot

Driver’s education at the lot

Daily visit from the van man

Taxi drivers at the beach lot

Various vehicles at the lot

Van man and running lady

Night drifting

Snow drifting

Smoking lady and first snow

Birds and the van man

A man and woman at the beach lot

Daily visitors

Parking lot mechanic

Raindrops and pee streams

Vehicles at the lot

Soft flowing crap in the woods

Smokers and birds

Forest photo shoot

Birds don’t like our cameras

Night time shenanigans in a car

Van man and a lady in the woods

Creepers and driver’s education

Morning routine from the van man

Two women in the trees and lovers in the lot

Driving practice at the beach lot

A full mix of activity

A few men and explorers

Various visitors to the beach lot

Morning visit from the lovers