Playing around by the birdhouse

A full day of drinking

Off-roading with a stroller

No horsing around!

Busy day at the birdhouse

Waterfall on the trail

A small collection of activity

Visiting the meadow

Just whip it out, the trees don’t mind

Strolling the trail

Come hang out at the storage unit

Action at the birdhouse camera

Close encounter of the creeper kind

Poppin’ squats behind the storage unit

Showers and streams on the pee trail

A long hangout at the storage unit

Blue poncho in the snow

That man really likes this tree

A quick snow

The Birds

Creeper at the pipe

Action from our other cameras

Using a pallet for cover

Action at the storage unit

Playtime and a workout at the birdhouse

April showers return

Men letting out strong streams

Another day full of explorers

Exploring around the birdhouse

Creeping around the pee trail

A good day for a walk in the woods

Going off the beaten path

Something caught his eye

Lurking around at the birdhouse

A busy day on the pee trail

The creeper returns

A nice day to visit the meadow

Must have rolled through something messy

Various activity around the storage unit

Birdhouse bike shop