A man at a clearing along the trail

A few visitors to the trail

A man visiting the trail

Daily Report – April 29 2019

Daily Report – April 19 2019

Busy day at the fence line

Women of summer

Men in shorts and speedos

The man in yellow

Friends don’t let friends pee alone

Morning dog walker

The big dump

A couple on the pee trail

Saved by a tree

Man in the leather jacket

Waving his willy

Morning squatter

Man at the pissing tree

A man full of piss and spit

Morning Biker out for a leak

A little shaky, cell phone capture

Coming to drop a load

A man comes to visit

A lady who doesn’t care about the camera

A lady with her stroller

A young lady along the pee trail

A small compilation from 2017

A small compilation from 2016