Men coming to leak at the lot

Nice moped and the plate changer returns

Biker before dawn and a man playing with his flow

Men at the beach lot

Several men coming to the woods

Zombie Hunter

Getting busy at the traffic circle

Highlight – Close encounter with a man

Men leaking and birds chirping

Big dump at the beach forest

Men at the beach lot

Prepared with his own roll

Some guys coming right to our cameras

Various visitors to the beach lot

A fine lady at the trailhead lot

A biker with a lot to show

Activity around the parking lots

Lots of ladies squatting on the trail

Peeing on a rainy day

Quick pee breaks at the lot

Men at the beach forest peeing together

Not even waiting for them to pass

A few visitors and a runner taking a leak

A mix of men and women caught peeing

A dump and men in the woods

Men strolling down the trail to pee

Don’t piss on that dog

Visitors on a very rainy day

Bikers and a few leaks

Couples coming together

More men spraying streams

Leaking sausage

Many men around the lots

Lots of men coming to take a leak

Men coming to pee and family pitstop

Highlight – Man at the picnic forest

Flopping around in front of the camera

Men at the birdhouse

Quite a few close encounters

Big dump in the beach lot

A mix of men and women