Activity in the parking lot

Many visitors caught at all locations

Great views from our cameras

Many women just letting it flow

Just out of frame

Beautiful women and exposed men

Flowing waters of summer

Zombie Hunter

Activity at the Texas traffic circle

Man, don’t forget to wipe

A busy day all around the forest

New view on the pee trail

Midsummer grab bag

Multiple day grab bag of activity

A few men along the trail

Close encounters with the cameras

Visitors to the pee trail

Dropping a log at the birdhouse

Powerful stream at the birdhouse

Another lurker at the trail

Pacing and standing around

Hiding in the bushes

Explorers and a few men coming to the trail

Men helping water the bushes

A little of one and two

Dropping logs

Some regular visitors to the trail

Running for cover with pants down

Return visitor at the trail

A few men and a couple

A very busy day around the forest

Drug deal going down on the trail

A few men and women at the birdhouse

That’s quite a dog

A cop caught in the act

A rustle in the leaves

A few leaks near the pee trail

Busy day at the pee trail

Struggle to pee in full biker gear

Activity returns to the pee trail

A cooler, rainy day