Activity in the parking lot

Full view at the pee trail

Great views from our cameras

Just out of frame

Man, don’t forget to wipe

A busy day all around the forest

New view on the pee trail

Multiple day grab bag of activity

The smoking lady

A busy day and a broken lense

Breaktime on the pee trail

A mix of visitors around the forest

Another lurker at the trail

Pacing and standing around

Hiding in the bushes

Don’t get bugged on the trail

Various visitors and a big ol’ booty

Explorers and a few men coming to the trail

Nature photographer and some explorers

Night time shenanigans

Stop, smoke and take in the nature around you

The gangs all here

A little lurking around the trail

A different kind of dump

Kids playing at the birdhouse

Turning into a deer path

Bringing out the big camera

Hiding from the police

That’s quite a dog

A cop caught in the act

A nice day to cruise

The scrap hunter

Looking for a special friend

The original thief returns

A nice long rest in the woods

Lurking around the cruising trail

Teens stealing construction supplies

Say bye to the fallen tree

More lurkers at the cruising trail

Various activity on the pee trail