Checking out the trash pile

Busy day for the maintenance crew

What’s going on behind that van?

Who let the dogs out

Puff puff, the smoking lady returns

Activity Report – September 20 2019

More action down the pee trail

Just passing through

Out enjoying the trails

Overnight campfire

Squirrel wanted a close-up

Time-lapse along the trail

Trail near the forest meadow

A casual walk down the trail

Beaver Dam Removal – Part 2

Beaver Dam Removal – Part 1

The chain smoker

Down by the bus stop

Cell Phone Zombies

Boys of the trail

Out to enjoy the day

Creepers at the bus stop

Grab bag from the pee trail

Teenage Troublemakers

A grab bag over a few days

Mostly just passing through

Daily Report – May 18 2019

Daily Report – May 14 2019

Daily Report – April 29 2019

Daily Report – April 28 2019

The morning after midsummer

Daily Report – June 21 2019

Daily Report – June 18 2019

Daily Report – May 19 2019

Daily Report – May 17 2019

Daily Report – April 29 2019

Daily Report – April 19 2019

A small compilation from 2017

A small compilation from 2016